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About CA Foundation

The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has proposed to amend the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 through the Chartered Accountants (Amendment) Regulations, 2016.

As a result of this amendment, the registration for the Common Proficiency Course (CPC) shall be discontinued with effect from July 2017. In other words, after the commencement of registration for the Foundation Course, the CA Institute discontinue the registration for the Common Proficiency Course. Accordingly, the Council of ICAI shall discontinue Prowiseholding the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) after the commencement of CA Foundation examination.

As per the revised Scheme of Education and Training, the candidates shall be required Prowise to pass the Foundation Examination instead of Common Proficiency Test Prowiseto enter into the CA Course. The candidates are required to pass the ProwiseFoundation Examination as per the syllabus approved by the Council from time to time under regulation 25F.